We hope to add a child to our family through open domestic adoption in the united states

It's impossible to put into words just how much becoming parents will mean to us. This is something we have dreamed about for so long. There is so much love in our hearts to give.

we will travel to any state to adopt a baby

To A Very Special Person,

We're Michelle & Scott from long island, new york. we're so happy you're reading this.

As we sit down to write this letter we know this isn’t just about us, and our desire to be loving parents. It’s about you and your tremendous bravery for doing what you feel is best for your baby. We can’t possibly imagine what you are going through right now. We also realize that we can never fully understand the decision you are currently facing. We truly admire your strength and courage to consider such a selfless act for your child. We just hope that somehow through our words and pictures, our deep love for each other and the abundance of love we have for a child will come through and help ease your mind. We are hopeful that we will give you a sense of peace and confidence knowing there is a family ready to care for, provide for, and love your baby beyond limits.

When we were ready to start our family, we were disappointed to find out it didn’t come as easily as we would have hoped. We tried multiple fertility treatments, but in the middle of all the stressful craziness we asked ourselves “why we were doing this?”  We have so much love in our hearts and cannot wait to share it with a child, “they may not have our eyes, but they will definitely have our hearts”!!

Our hearts are filled with excitement at the thought of you reading our story as you search for the family that you’ve dreamed of for your child.  Our lives are filled with so much love, happiness and laughter.  We can’t wait until the day we can share our home and our hearts with a child we will always cherish! We are so grateful that you’ve taken some time to get to know us and hope something touches your heart and makes you want to reach out to us. We would love to hear from you!

we can’t wait to love a child we adopt
we promise unconditional love to our future child through adoption

our promises to you

Can’t wait to share our love and passion for life with a child we adopt from any state


  • We will DEEPLY ADORE and CHERISH every moment and love your baby unconditionally for the rest of our lives.

  • We promise to provide a happy home filled with LOTS OF LAUGHTER and FUN. There will be SPONTANEOUS DANCE PARTIES, SILLINESS and SNUGGLES. Friday night PIZZA PARTIES, family MOVIE NIGHTS, TRAVEL and ADVENTURE...but most of all LOVE!

  • Your child will not go one minute without knowing HOW MUCH LOVE WE HAVE FOR THEM. 

  • We will dedicate our lives to ensuring that your child has EVERY OPPORTUNITY, and the VERY BEST EXPERIENCES life can offer. 

  • We will teach your child to DREAM BIG and ENCOURAGE THEM to follow his or her dreams and passions. 

  • We will provide LOVING GUIDANCE and ENCOURAGEMENT every step of the way. 

  • We will devote our lives to raising your child with CONFIDENCE, SELF ESTEEM and a LIFETIME OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. 



loving couple wishing to adopt a baby will travel to any state in the united states

We would love to hear from you!

...Don’t worry, we will be nervous too!

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We Will Travel To Any State

We Are Adoption Certified and Home Study Approved

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